Terms and Conditions

These terms of agreement are between the individual who wants to participate in Google AdSense financial empowerment program hereinafter referred to as “you” and Ritsam Ventures, the organizers of Google AdSense financial empowerment program hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us” for the purpose of receiving training on how to setup a website to display Google AdSense (a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites) advertisements on your website or blog. You agree that you voluntarily enter into this agreement for the purpose of gaining financial knowledge through Google AdSense program. And as long as you continue to be part of this training and continuous support, these terms are binding on you and any breach of all or part thereof, may result in termination of services and support rendered to you.

You agree that you are willing to enter into an agreement with us to help you register a domain, buy a hosting space, setup Google AdSense account for you and train you on how to manage your website or blog in order to make money from it through Google AdSense program at a yearly renewal fee of ₦20, 000 (twenty thousand naira) / ₦40, 000 (forty thousand naira), depending on the initial package that you chose. You agree that this fee is only for the maintenance of your domain name and hosting space. This amount cannot be refunded. And that we do not charge you for the training and regular support to participate in the program. You also agree that we are neither the domain registrar nor web host. And that we partner with different organizations to provide you with these services. And that in the event of your inability to renew your domain and/or hosting space, the providers of these services may delete your account with them and you will not hold us responsible for the loss of your domain name and/or files.

You agree that Google AdSense financial empowerment program is neither an affiliate of Google incorporated nor sponsored by Google incorporated and that we are not a representative of Google incorporated or working for Google incorporated. You also agree that all information, examples, hypotheses and projections published on this site are not a guarantee that you will ever make any money for participating in the program. The possibility of making any money from the program depends entirely on your effort in publishing quality information on your site and publicizing your site or blog to the general public in order to drive quality traffic to your site. You agree that this is your responsibility and that you will never blame us, engage in a slanging match or file a law suit against us or any of our staff in the event of your inability to make money from the program.

Last Updated: 26/09/2020